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Pink Cleaning Cookie & Privacy Policy

Using and accessing our website

To help run our website and give you the best possible experience we use cookies for analytics with google and other companies. Most of this data is anonymous and not linked to you, You can decide if you want to accept or decline cookies, or you can tailor the settings to your individual requirements. 

Contacting us through our website

When you use the contact form on our website we ask for the minimum amount of detail about you in order to provide our service. This will normally be: name and email address along with your message. Following this, if you have no further contact with Pink Cleaning then this data will be deleted after 3 months. Data is held under safe harbour and ISO standards.

We do not sell your data or participate in any form of spam. While we hold your details we will only contact you in relation to the business and the service we provide.

We follow GDPR and you have the right to request any data we may hold on you. Requests can be sent to: Please allow up to 14 days for a response.

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